An exceptional location
A little corner of paradise


Situated just over an hour from Nantes, in Vendée, the Île de Noirmoutier is a little corner of paradise just off the mainland. With its quaint low houses, its town centre and its shops, its coastline curving into the distance, its heritage and wealth of tradition, this picturesque island is imbued with a unique and authentic charm. Here, everyone talks to each other, laughs together, and rides off on their bikes to roam the roads and paths. Coming to Noirmoutier means being welcomed with open arms and discovering a warm community based around families and happy groups of friends.
Coming to Noirmoutier, and more particularly to the Villa Arthus Bertrand, is to risk never wanting to leave.

What to do on the Île de Noirmoutier

Noirmoutier offers beautiful walks and bike rides. To immerse yourself in the island’s spirit, equip yourself with boots and a landing net and head over the sandbanks and rocks. Because it’s in the sea that the island’s greatest resources are found. We swim, enjoy nautical activities, and delight in the treasures of local gastronomy such as fresh fish, oysters, lobsters, etc.

Elsewhere, fine restaurants and vibrant food markets delight gourmets with all these specialties. The famous bonnotte potatoes of Noirmoutier and the sea salt produced in the salt marshes of the island are also not to be missed.

Be sure to embark on one of the boats that head out from the port to get a different perspective on Noirmoutier and take a cruise around the neighbouring islands such as the Île d'Yeu.

Culture, heritage, nature, sport… You will always find something to do on the Île de Noirmoutier.

Getting to the Villa Arthus Bertrand

Villa Arthus Bertrand - Car

By car

Situated an hour's drive from Nantes, the Île de Noirmoutier can easily be reached via the bridge connecting Fromentine on the mainland to Barbâtre on the island. You can also take the Passage du Gois, a submersible road from Beauvoir-sur-Mer that is only accessible at low tide.

Villa Arthus Bertrand - Plane

By plane

To reach the Île de Noirmoutier by plane, you can land at Nantes Atlantique Airport, just an hour away. The Villa offers a transfer service at an additional cost.

Villa Arthus Bertrand - public transport

By public transport

The Île de Noirmoutier is served by a network of buses accessible from the bus stations of Nantes, La Roche-sur-Yon and Challans.

Villa Arthus Bertrand - Parking

Car Park

The hotel has its own private car park, and the island has free parking at the entrance to Noirmoutier Ville.