The Restaurant of the Villa Arthus Bertrand
Local cuisine bursting with flavours


For a romantic dinner, a family meal or professional lunch, embark on a taste journey to the heart of the Île de Noirmoutier and its region in the restaurant of the Villa Arthus Bertrand.
Throughout the year, the chef is inspired by local and seasonal produce, including the catches of the island’s fishing community, to create gourmet house cuisine.

“Due to the exceptional circumstances arising from the COVID-19 epidemic, the service at the restaurant is likely to be modified to meet health requirements.”

Discover the richness and flavours of the region’s produce

Benefitting from the abundant riches of land and sea, the Île de Noirmoutier is renowned for its gastronomy. Throughout the year, gourmets flock to feast on its delicious potatoes, specifically the rare bonnotte variety, hand-picked early and best enjoyed with butter and ... island salt! This ‘white gold’, as the island’s sea salt is called, has been harvested from the salt marshes using traditional methods for generations. The surrounding waters are one of the main resources of the island, and their seafood is simply sublime; hand-harvested shellfish, carefully farmed oysters, fish caught just off the coasts ... all have their own exquisite flavours, and our chef delights in working his magic with these each day for your delectation.

Picnic basket

Forget picnic snacks lacking in flavour and thrown together in haste ... The Villa Arthus offers you the opportunity, by reservation, to take a gourmet picnic basket selection with you to savour during your walks. Quality sandwiches, raw vegetables to nibble on, spreads, sweet treats ... The contents change and adapt in accordance with the chef's mood and the season. Our baskets also contain all the practical necessities you’ll need to make the most of a lunch break in the open air.

Honesty Bar

Fancy some refreshment in the afternoon? Perhaps a glass of white wine at sunset? A digestif at the end of a meal? The Villa bar operates on the Honesty principle. So, whenever you’re in the mood, please feel free to serve yourself and simply register what you consume. A great way to enjoy a quiet drink at any time ...

“Due to the exceptional circumstances arising from the COVID-19 epidemic, the bar service is subject to change to meet health requirements.”

At the Villa Arthus Bertrand, local producers are an integral part of our team

Today, we all realise how important it is to support local producers and artisans by sourcing ingredients close to home. At the Villa, we make sure to use short supply chains (and even very short ones!) to provide us with the freshest of quality produce with origins that can be guaranteed. From salt to vegetables, including fish, shellfish and other foodstuffs, we know the artisans who produce each resource, and we favour them first and foremost. For your pleasure and the care of the environment.

Tea Time

Hot drinks and sweet or savoury snacks await you during Tea-Time at the Villa Arthus Bertrand when you’re ready for a well-deserved break.

“Due to the exceptional circumstances arising from the COVID-19 epidemic, the Tea-Time service is subject to change to meet health requirements.”